Kick Starter Fix

Does anyone know if the arm that is attached to the kick assembly has a bushing inside of it. It does look as if there is one pressed in there. You know the part where the ball bearing and spring goes. The reason I ask is the arm has some slop that bothers me. Looking at the hole it has worn a bit oval.

The inside measurement of the bushing I think is 19mm can anyone confirm?

2nd question any tips getting the assembly off the splined shaft. Puller yes but there really isn't much room behind to get one in. It's really on there.

2002 YZ426

Dude. there is a lock nut on it . it should slide right off when you loosen the allen set screw. . . i have a stock kick lever ill sell you for 10 bucks plus shipping. no slop. in near perfect condition. i put a shorty lever on my bike long time ago

There might be, and if you have accesse to a machine shop, you might be able to make a replacement, but all of the parts of the kick starter are except the lever itself are available individually. If you need the lever due to a wear problem, that part is only serviced by Yamaha as a kick starter assembly.

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