DRZ400S vs KTM LC4-400/640

I've never seen a comparison between these two bikes. Has anyone out there had experience with both? I'm sure the E & kick model are much more dirt worthy, but I want to know about the S.



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I just sold a 620 LC4 and bought a 400E. I can't tell you about the S, but there is LOTS of difference between the the LC4 and the E. Riding the E is almost like riding a kids bike, size and weight wise, after having the LC4. Much more fun to ride. If you are doing a lot of street riding or your off road is mainly fire road type riding then the LC4 is o.k. If you are a larger person, I'm 6'1, 200 lb, you might be all right. I just got tired of the weight.

Just my opinion,


Thanks for the response Sheriff1.

Anybody else out there have experience with these bikes. Should I assume that there is no comparison?


I recently rode a used 2001 KTM lc4-640 dual sport at a dealership for compaison purposes. I am 5'11" and 170lbs. The KTM made boatloads of power, I had a hard time keeping the front end on the ground in the first two gears. I think the bike was still stock too. The brakes were great also. The KTM seemed too wide, especially in the radiator/tank area. The KTM handled good on the street, but seemed to push corners in the dirt. What I didn't like about the KTM was the major vibration upon acceleration and cruise speeds, it made my eyeballs go out of focus! You could feel it through every part of your body that touched the bike! Also, I didn't like the ****ty workstand that you have to muscle the bike up on whenever you park it. I also didn't like the $7,200.00 tag on it, I think I would cry more if I dumped the KTM vs. the DRZ. Compared to the DRZ, the KTM vibrated too much, was too wide, and too expensive. I now own a 2001 DRZ400s, and I am happy with it after a few mods. The only complaint I have about the DRZ is that the japs use cheap grade 1/0 nuts and bolts that strip out and round off when you work on the bike. ( I think the powers above helped me remove the 6 rear sprocket nuts after silent sacrifices...) The DRZ also seemed lighter and more flickable in the dirt. If I had my cake and could eat it too, I would want the KTM motor in the DRZ frame, but without the vibration. I guess the moral is about compromise, no company has built the perfect bike just yet. Just absolutely be sure to ride all three, including the Honda xr650l, which was my first choice until I rode the DRZ. Later,

Thanks Bailey28. That's exactly the kind of info I was looking for. I've heard about the vibration thing before, so I'm assuming that all the LC-4's are like that. Is it that the motor isn't balanced very well or is it more to do with the mounting?

Anyone else have any input on these two bikes?



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