Radiator catch tank re-location

In the process of making my DRZ-E a little easier to work on and simpler I pulled off the crankcase vent black box on the right side, used an angle grinder to get rid of the tiresome steel mounting tab on the frame rail while I was at it.

Next was the Coast air diaphram, followed a picture someone posted for capping it off but bike wouldn't idle or run at low speed with the air jet capped so I un-capped it and ran a little hose UP out of the way.Runs better. any comments on this mod?

Next I noticed what a pain in the butt the coolant catch tank was. Its stock location has it collecting all kinds of chain mung, mud and crap. My first instinct is to jettison the thing. Had many two strokes that never ran a recovery tank so what's the problem. Then I read here about guys boiling over and all. My guess is there are jetted too lean.

Anyway I put on the 'ol thinking cap and decide the place for that tank is behind the headlight fairing. Fits great and works a treat so far.

I've made a rubber mask from an old tube to protect the wires from the rec./reg which is now a little more exposed to chain mung and debris. Now the shock is more accesible as if the carb and air box and zerk fittings.

Anybody else try getting rid of the tank or re-locate it?

Cheers, Patrick

CITY BIKE San Francisco

Originally posted by smittyman:

i'm just curious as to why everyone is capping of the coast enrichener.i can't see how this can improve performance as this only enrichens the mixture on deceleration to avoid backfiring.

Hey! Smittyman you are right about the coast enrichner, it has no effect on improving performance. We have ran carbs with it and without it and no difference.


I found the little contraption (coast enricher) to be in the way when trying to access the carb or move the carb to pull the bowl off. I hate usless clutter on my bikes and if the bike is jetted correctly it shouldn't backfire on decell which would indicate a lean (read stock) condition.

So your right, its not a performance thing, its

an aesthetics and practical thing.

At the moment I am trying to find a way to somehow combine or eliminate some of the myriad of pink fuel vent hoses on that carb. There has got to be a better way.

Anyone ever try to figure this one out?


i'm just curious as to why everyone is capping of the coast enrichener.i can't see how this can improve performance as this only enrichens the mixture on deceleration to avoid backfiring.

i hear ya Prof.. as soon as my bike comes in i'll take a look and come up with something.usually,you can combine vent hoses. you'll have to experiment with them to see if it affects any running characteristics.

I removed both tanks completely but put the coolant tank back on yesterday. Both oil vent lines run through a 1/2 inch "T" fitting I got at the hardware store. I'm looking for a small check valve or something for the crank case vent. It seems to vent oil overboard and is not ideal for long rides. Any suggestions?

Regards crankcase breather hoses: Yes, they will dribble a bit of oil. This is normal. A check valve is not a bad idea though. Also, if you've overfilled on oil you can expect more oil loss via the vent hoses, naturally.

I don't think you would ever need to worry about losing enough oil to be a problem on a dirt ride. If you have a dual sport, then that is a definite issue, but once the bike is truely broken in it should not pump out much oil until it starts to wear out. Hopefully many years down the road.

As far as my coolant recovery tank goes, I will leave it behind the headlight fairing until summer or hot conditions and see how the bike reacts, if it's not losing much coolant I will eliminate it altogether and just always remember to check coolant before every ride. I've done this on two strokes for years and years and never had a problem, even at enduro bottlenecks and pissing coolant on the nasty uphills. Usually as soon as your moving things cool down.

Happy Happy Christmas


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