Troubles starting Yz426f when cold

I recently purchased a 2001 yz426f. I am experiencing problems when i try to start the bike when it is cold. The bike tries to start but just dies. After a while it eventually fouls the plug, and when i put a new plug in it starts on the first kick. After the bike is started it will start fine it is just getting it started for the first time. I was wondering if this could be fixed by changing the piolet jet. If anyone has any tips on starting i would really appreciate the adivce. I was also wondering if there is any quick mods that will give me some more performance out of the beast.

I had the same problem with my 2001 WR426.

A 70 starter jet will help a little.

Learn the starting drill. If it doesn't start in a couple of kicks, hold down the compression release and kick it through 4-5 times.

Also, if you're putting the bike in the garage and not going to start it for a couple weeks, drain the gas from the float bowl (there's a little allen bolt on the side of the carb to do this) and squirt a little carb cleaner in the fuel inlet. This helped me as much as anything else.


Are you using the correct starting procedure?

Your jetting sounds like it is off if you are fouling plugs that quickly (at least let's hope it's just jetting). grayracer or fastest1 will probably step in and help you out. The blue wire mod may help you out a bit as well.

I haven't heard anyone say it helps the bike start, but performance wise, you may want to try the BKmod. Makes your bike a little snappier.

Oh, and welcome to TT!

I was just wondering were i could find more information on this Bkmod. Thanks for the tips.

Your best mod is to turn the idle screw in a bit, it has no chance to start if the idle is set too low. A couple blips and a solid kick - voilà!

Make sure that your not twisting the throttle when you kick over the bike... that will foul the plug quick.

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