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DRZ400S Rider opinion of a WR250F

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Got a go on a WR250F today, got chatting to its owner, then we swapped bikes for a blast,

I was looking forward to experiencing the WR as I have read alot about it both on here and in the press,

Weight, I was impresed with its weight(or lack of it) I knew it was light before I got on it, but when I first got rolling on it the first thing that came into my head was "this feel's light"(well compared to my S it does),

Handling, again I was impressed, it sailed over a heavily rutted section that usally ties my DRZ in knots at the same speed(bare in mind I have the S model,I would think the E or kicker DRZ would fair better), again no surprize's about that after all it is a 100% off roader,

Engine, not so impressed here, I was dissapointed with it(maybe I was expecting to much from it) it had enough power to get the job done, I would say it rev's qucker than my DRZ(again no surprize) but has less peak hp(fair enough my DRZ is not standard and this WR was and had only done 600 and odd miles) and obviously the DRZ has more torque, I found compared to my DRZ engine the WR to be less fun (for me anyway),

It just seemed a bit flat, even when it was screaming there was no hard drive(well compared to my DRZ thats what it felt like)

Now that may be an advantage for Enduro racing(ie time to look where your going, as opposed to struggling to find traction with a more horsepower laden beast, and probarly quicker too) but for a non serious trail/play riding dude like me I'd rather be wrestling my DRZ on it's dual sport tires having a ball trying to find grip, it's just more fun for me,

I think the WR is a great bike, but I was glad to get back on my S the 250 is not for me, I'm not comparing these machines as they have been designed for different purposes, but I'm alway's keen to try something that I have not tryed before, espeacily if it does what I want better than my current bike does for me,

So I was intrested to see how WR(also it was road legal too) racked up againt the DRZ on my own agenda of requirements, and it did not rack up well enough for me to be running off to the local yamaha dealer,

However it is overall a superior off road machine(again no surprize),

One final point, the WR owner referred to my electric start button as the "girlie button" how I laughed when I seen his friend on it trying to start the bloody thing(after wheeling by him a few times I stopped to offer him help), he was there for a good 15 minutes(obviously did not know the starting drill),

Girlie button, more like the smart button!!!



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