MTDR Spring Loretta Lynn's ride

Announcement: MTDR Spring Loretta Lynn's ride

Spring Bike Ride at

Loretta Lynn’s Ranch

April 6th and 7th, 2002

Middle Tennessee Dirt Riders, Inc. in cooperation with Volunteer State Trail Riders Association is proud to announce their first annual spring ride at the famous Loretta Lynn’s Ranch April 6th & 7th, 2002. This event will be for BIKES ONLY and all MTDR and VSTA dirt bike riding members are invited to attend.

See for more info

I can't wait! Me and at least two others will be there for sure. :) Two rides a year at Loretta's...can't get much better than that.

38 days til the ride!!!!!!!!

See 'ya there. I can't wait! The trails are gonna be great.

The trails will be great. A bike rider's dream trails, I think!!

The cool ones are on ice as we speak!!!

Too far for my funds :)

Any Canadians/Mainers making the trip?

I will be there as well as my cousin and maybe some others. Can't wait.

Just for clarification, the ride is open to all riders. You can sign up early on or sign up at the ride. Thanks

10 days til the ride!!!!!!

The weather forcast looks great!!! Partly cloudy high of 67 and low of 45.....Both days!!!!

Getting very close. THIS COMING WEEKEND!! I'll be there Friday afternoon, Sat and Sunday. Will be gone Saturday night.

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