650r highway gearing, speedo cable?

hey all,

anyone have some sprocket sizes they recommend for long haul highway riding on an xr650r? need to cruise 70-75 without being at WOT.

also anyone in the denver area, or anywhere else have a speedo cable they want to get rid of?


drzoomn...about to get xrroomn'ed

stock gearing should be more than sufficient from what ive heard itll do 180km/h on stock gearing not sure what that is in miles though had mine going on a backroad at 140km/h had to back off though, and that was in 4th

14/48(Stock) will do but 15/48 would be better.

ah and also welcome to the 650 forum :crazy: you will enjoy your stay aslong as you dont diss the 650 hehehe

cool, 15 sounds good.

thanks for the welcome, no worries from me on xr dissing. i love thumpers in all shapes and forms. any XR is better than a cruiser right? =)

my drz is more my weekend toy and money pit, and i was riding a triumph tiger as my commuter. but now we have decided to move to hawaii so i don't need a big bike anymore. so i sold the tiger and i chose the 650r because i wanted as much stock HP as possible since i plan to convert the bike into a side car rig.

anyway, i'll be lurking around and occasionally asking the same questions that have already been asked 3000 times because i'm to lazy to search :crazy:

wish me luck on my 1300 mile ride home on the xr!

I have 15/45 and it's ok at 75 but I will probably go to 15/43 next time. I think the stock gearing on Aussie models is 15/41 but I think that would be too tall.

At 70mph with stock gearing/wheels-tires the motor is turning ~6000RPM... believe me, you don't want to sit on that for 1300 miles. Not to mention that it can't be good for the motor. The Aussie XR650R's are sold as dualsports and this is why Honda jacked the gearing up. In my experience anything over 4000RMP is uncomfortable for long road trips on the BRP. I would go with a 15/41 if you anticipate long road tours.

He's going to Hawaii - there's no such thing as long Road Tours! :ride:

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