removing stickers from rear fender

Is there a way to remove those ugly warning stickers from the rear fender? I tried to wet them and gently scrape them off but only ended up ruining my fender with scratches. I am pissed!

Why do they use that type of adhesive? Just to irritate us I suppose

I used a hot air gun. They peeled right off.

Becareful not to melt your plastic with it.

A hair dryer works.

The worst sticker was the one on the tank it takes a lot of work.

I used WD40 and let it soak overnite. I then used a hair dryer and my fingernail so as not to scratch the plastic.

Merry Christmas y'all! :)

[ December 24, 2001: Message edited by: Paul J. Carter ]


I used wd-40 and a plastic credit card from the 'ol wallet instead of my fingernail. It worked great, it just takes about 30 minutes for one sticker.

I sprayed carb cleaner on a rag, peeled off the clear outer layer of the sticker, put the rag on the stickers and did something else for an hour. Came back and wiped the stickers away with the same rag!!! No problem.

Course maybe my yanmmie stickers are easier than yours.

Steve T

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