Directions to Ocatillo Wells

Does anybody know what are some of the fastest routes to Ocatillo Wells from the Huntington Beach?


Check out my latest replay on the other thread. I did try huntington to Ocotillo wells and the it gives you a way that you DON'T want to take for sure!!! It's probably the shortest but by far the longest cause you go up and over the mtns. which is nutz with back to back 15mph corners for like 15 miles and it's almost all 2 lane vs. freeway more then half for the way I explained. I would think your drive time will be about 2:30 from Huntington to Ocotillo straight doing 75 on the freeways and 65 on the 2 lanes cause most of it's straight and wide open except for 79 from Temecula to the meeting spot cause I've never done it but been told it's fairly straight.



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

I rode there back in 94 when I was in the military. Had a blast even though I was by myself. California has a guide book with every trail system and directions. I think it was about $20 back in 90.


I sent you an email.



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

You take the 91 to the 15 south exit 79 south in Temecula make left. DO NOT TAKE 79 NORTH THEY ARE SEPARTE EXITS.

You will be cruising for about 45 minutes when you get through Warner Springs start looking for S-2 you go left.

S-2 will dead end you make a left. This puts you around the mountain. Ocotillo wells is about 10 miles on you left side.. You can't miss it... Stop at the ranger station on your left side they have great maps of the whole area..

I will be there for the weekend.. Email me we can hook up or call 909-302-9102

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