May you,,,,,,

Make all the hills,,, never wheelie over backwards,,,never get crossed up in a rut,,, miss all the trees,,, have no mud stick to your bike,,,never have a dead battery,,, have your suspension float like a butterfly,,, have your motor sting like a bee,,, never be late for a ride,,, have all the neighbors love your pasttime,,, have your wife love your pasttime,,, never do a flying "W",,, gas it when your brain tells you to brake it,,, beat your buddys' KTM 400 in a drag race,,, never forget anything when you go on a ride,,, never have the cops catch you when you venture where you shouldn't be,,, never get a flat,,,find out your dealer is having a big sale with everything 1/2 off,,, beat your kid on a run through the woods,,, {for us old guys},,, get to ride in Colorado and do the Black Bear Pass, backwards,,, do the White Rim Trail,,, win your class in an enduro on your "S" model,,,, and just generally have a fantastic year. Did I miss anything?

....get all the goodies you want for your DRZ,,,get to spend a week riding in Colorado :)

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