Fork slide in clamps?

I have an 06 and I want to slide the forks up in the clamp. I read where everyone says slide it to the first line...but I am not sure about the whole first line thing.

How far can I slide them up? Can I slide them all the way till they almost hit the handle bars or does it need to be less. Does it matter if I slide them past the smooth area on the fork tubes?

I can see the smooth area on the tubes and of course above and below the smooth area is where the real tiny grooves start. Also, on the top part of the fork tube (towards the lower side of the top clamp) there is a tapered area on the fork tube. I just need to know if I can slide up more (till just below the handle bars) or if I need to stay in the smooth lower and tapered upper area.

I realize I am gonna loose some stability at high speeds, but I am not really a speed demon on the track anyway. I needed to get this thing to a little more managed height for my vertically challenged self, so I ordered the lowering link from Mountain Motor Sports (great people by the way...ordered it on FRI and arrived on MON) and I need to try and match up the height in the front after lowering the back/seat height.

How much can I slide???? Help!!!!


Sliding the forks up makes a dramatic differance in the handeling. With that said, slide up to the first line and try it. If you want more front end bias, slide to the 2nd line. Continue till your happy or hit the handlebars. :crazy:

I like mine flush, but it all depends how you like the feel of your bike.

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