DR-Z400 Gallery

Hi everyone,

I just started a webpage with some pictures of my bike and the area i ride in and i was wondering if anyone would be interested in uploading any pictures so we can put pictures to the names?

Theres also a link page where you can add a link to your site or your favorite sites.

Also, there's another page where you can upload pictures of other bikes you own, or have owned.

I've posted a couple of pictures of my RMX250 that i traded for my DRZ.


Hope you can contribute.

Thanks.. Mike.

I posted a few myself. That was a nice looking RMX!

Great site!

Yeah, it was a nice RMX.

I spent a bit of money on it and it goes a hell of a lot better than standard.

The only thing was that i had trouble jetting the thing properly.

There was always black oily residue coming out the back.

I liked the RMX but i like the DRZ alot better!! :)


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