Excel Rim not trued correctly...

So the guy who trued my rim didn't offset it or something for my xr650r. I need to set it back straight but the excel spokes have some funky azz design that a normal spoke wrench won't work on.

Anyone once I do figure out what tool to use to adjust the spokes all I should have to do is a 1/8 turn on all the spokes on the side that I need the rim to pull towards right? As of now it is offset to the right and is barley not scraping my fork boot. BTW the Excel rim and spokes are on the oem stock hubs....

Be careful, the most commom mistake people make is to over tighten the spokes. If you need to move it over, first loosen one side, then tighten the other by the same amount. I think you will need more than 1/8 turn. 1/8 turn isn't much, just a fraction of a millimeter.

I don't know what you have, but my excel rims have "normal" nipples. Are they just larger than the stock ones?

Well normally the nipples have the 2 flats sides so the spoke wrench can easily grab it. This are rounded with slight grooves in them so a spoke wrench just slips on the nipples. Wierd..

Thanks for the heads up!

They are called a spline drive nipple. A wrench for them is normally included with the spoke/nipple kit.

Hmmm.. I think I got shafted on the wrench. Thanks for the info MC!

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