I learn slowly when it comes to Kickstands

I have read alot of the upgrades everyone is making and my friends have suggested I try some mods on the motor. I have refused because the bike runs very well. I have had no problems. Plus I believe to go fast in the woods is more about maintaining speed then creating more horsepower.

So I haven't taken anything off my bike, except for the stuff I break.

Recently my bike started to stall just before climbing steep hills. Just as you make the transition from flat ground to incline the bike would die. Then it would hit like dynamite. I first lost all my momentum and then wasn't ready or positioned for the hit. I wrecked several times. One wreck took out my rear tail light and right turnsignal on my hide away tail assembly and I completely smashed in the rear of my tailpipe.

I was about to pull the carb and check it. Then I remember all the times my bike would stall during races because the kickstand dropped and the kill switch was not pushed in.

I took a bad innertube and cut a cross section making a big rubber band. I looped it through the passenger peg and created a hang down loop. I used this loop as kick stand holder. I went back to those hills that gave me trouble and the bike did not stall.

The rubberband is working for now. The kill switch is going to be pulled.

I'm still reluctant to make any motor mods. I could have saved some money by learning from others in this case.

You're right, that dumb safety switch causes lots of problems. Just cut the two wires and soder (spelling?) them together. Then remove the switch if you wish.


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