Advice Needed!!!

I'm thinking of getting rid of my treasured DRZ400S, the reason is I'm now doing a bit more off road riding(trying more adventrous hill's etc) and I do worry about that if I took a tumble on my DRZ it would not stand up all that well(with the radiator's,magnesiumand shiny metal tank to mash),

It may seem stupid of me too think like that but I am put off trying to climb steeper hills and so on(there one hill in particular I want to have a bash at, I reckon the bike has the power to do it, not sure about tyre grip though) and if it all went pear shaped I would have a £4000 132kg bike rolling down a 100 metre hill shedding parts as it somersaults it's way to the bottom,

So I was thinking of something along the lines of a Honda(no booing or hissing please) XR250/400, has anyone had any experience with these bikes, I know the 250 would be down on power, but would it have enough power to still be fun?

Any feedback is much appreacated(even if it is telling me how stupid I am)



Hi sunny!

I had a 1998 model XR400 once and i thought that it was a good bike. Bulletproof!

No need to take the tank off to get to the spark plug and really easy to work on.

The only thing was that it was a major drama to get it to start again after dropping it.

I'm not sure if it was just mine?

I've heard the term "XR disease" being used..



I forgot.. one more thing.. LESS POWER!! :)

Sunny, Here in the states we put the gas tank in a box and put an oversized plastic one on, put some rad guards on and shed just about everything possible and still allow it to be street legal. I own both the S and the E models and really have more fun on the S since it allows me more freedom to go places I just couldn't get to on the E. When you are climbing a hill and see you won't make it, just lay it over and work it around till you get it headed down the hill. I NEVER just jump off it on a hill. Like you said,,, that can get VERY expensive. Pete

Yeah I guessed the XR400 would be down power against the DRZ(even the S plus mine has had carb,airbox mods plus a end can,dyno set up and puts out 38.8 DIN horsepower at the rear wheel),

But to be honest it's not all that often that I use full throttle off road(hardly at all really, well apart from when I'm doing 3rd gear off the throttle wheelie's)) so I'm probarly not using all of my 38 horse's anyway, so I reckon I could live with a few less(it pains me to say that),

Mind you I went a spin today(okay I realise it christmas day, but I've only got 4 days of work), and I do enjoy powering up hills in 2nd gear, it feels like nothing could stop it,

But I went to the hill that I want to have a go at(steep,long and loose(as in shale,rock type loose) and the thought of my DRZ cartwheeling down it still makes me think about somthing less expensive and mashable,

Thanks for your advice,



PJ can you tell me more about the rad guards, are they easy to fit, are they effective, you've got me thinking about doing what you said( I think I would fit a tank off the E model though as I dont need a oversize one ) as I do like my S and really rate it as a do everything trailbike,



Sunny, the E tank will not fit the S

I am getting a Clarke plastic tank for mine. Does not look too oversize 3.9 US Gallon.

Dont have to use the extra capacity all the time but its handy to have sometimes.

The rad guards i got to get too, much recommended.

I was thinking of getting a trailtech computer and taking the speedometer off aswell.

Took the signal light extensions off this helps make it more crashproof.

Have you got a skid plate and case protectors?

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Sunny, As soon as I get a digital camera I'm going to post pics of my rad guards and a few other mods I have done to the bike. I made shrouds out of 1/8 inch thick aluminum diamond plate and they work fantastic. You can keep the plastic front louvers as the shrouds keep from crushing the sides of the rads,,, in my experience the most common problem. Also figured out a way to tuck the side stand up al la KTM so it will never dig into the side of a hill if you lay it on the left side. I went for a ride today also. It's about 25 degrees out, but the studded tires and the heated grips made it a great ride.

Also see my "May you,,," post further down. Pete

Sunny, cant believe you would trade the DRZ for an XR4, have a ride on each side by side no comparison (loads more low down power in the Z for the hill climbs you suggest, change the tyres not the bike),my work mate has a brand new XR the only thing that is better is the brakes, dont no why, same caliper! XR4 ten year old technology! no way. If you want a cheap Trail-bike buy one as a second bike or get a DR350 or A Honda CRM250, ive had both as well as the DRZ. But the Z is so much better than all in my opinion. :)

I was considering the XR250(the 400 was second on the list to consider), but after getting some advice from the XR250/400 forum I dont think I the 250 would suit me in the long run(got good information from the XR forum guys)

Which would leave me with the XR400(I still reckon it's a bit more crashable std than my DRZ(which admittly has no protection at the moment), but weight wise I think its too close to the DRZ to bother switching too,

I am going to remove all the un-neccesary road stuff(indacators,mirrors and anything else I think it can do without) I am using a Continental TKC80 Twinduro on the back at present(which is getting a bit done) and will be replacing at the end of the month with a new set(still got the deathwing I mean trailwing on the front) and I will see how it goes with the bike,

Out of intrest how did the CRM compare to the DRZ S(I know there are a few different model's mk1,2,3 and the AR) I have read a little about them(37-40bhp,127kg I think) but have never ridden one or meet anybody with one,



Stick with the DRZ. Get some pro-taper CR-hi bends bars, a skid plate, rad gaurds, plastic tank and hand guards.

I drop the bike all the time climbing nasty hills. If you think your not going to make it just turn and stop. The bikes holds up very well. With hand guards I've never broken a lever in the past 5 years.

If you go with lower gearing and a good set of tires you should be able to climb anything. The bike have a good power range.

The XR400 is a great bike too but it feels heavier and fatter than the DRZ. Its had to start on hills because its a kick start. That magic button makes your life easier when you crossed up in trouble.

Keep the DRZ.

Sunny, i had a CRM250 Mk2, I live in Notts and ride in Derbyshire (when no F/M or not in Supermoto trim). With-out a doubt the CRM is the most popular bike on the Trails,i would say 40% ride CRMs' probably due to Liesure Trail being the local dealer, Honda reliability, build qulity,good low down power for a 2 sroke(about half as much low down as the DRZ )about the same weight as you said, 45 is mpg good handeling.TBM magazine did an article last year on the CRM250AR and said it was "probably the best trail bike ever" in their opinion!

The DRZ is taller to ride than the CRM (less standing up) engine braking is always an advantage, and that usable low down power is great, in my modest opinion(but hey what do i no) :)

Originally posted by PJG55:

I went for a ride today also. It's about 25 degrees out, but the studded tires and the heated grips made it a great ride.

PJG55, where did you get the heated grips?

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