02 XR650L skid plate

Ive been looking for several weeks for a good full coverage skidplate for my 02 650L. Seems to be a worldwide shortage or? can anybody direct me to a supplier that actually has one in stock? Xr`s says yes, go there and no got, no go at Baja designs, dennis kirk, tucker rocky, nada.

Any leads would be greatly appricated. Seems most everybodys is made by the same guys. They all look the same Moose,parts ltd/ lemans,baja designs you name it.

Thank You.

man, i'm in the same boat as you! I've been looking and looking...and to be honest...I cant really find a beefy skidplate. I dont really want any of the plates that are out there! I found one...it looked pretty cool and it even bolted on (no little brackets that clasp the frame), I think it was baja designs, but i didnt really like the way it looked (with giant holes in the front and sides.

Plus, my friends plate looks thin and weak in some areas. Dont know about you, but i'm thinking of making mine. got the plasma and the TIG...so why not? Right?

I ended making one for my Tiger so yep, why not. I have some 3/16 ? grade aluminum sheet thats pretty tough. Problem is I cant weld aluminum to save my life.

Everybody says soon, soon. I cant wait anymore.

Gots to have one quicklike.

I've got a brand new, never used Moose skidplate for the 650L. The only thing needed is one of the bolts needs to be replaced because I opened the package and used it for my XR650R skidplate. If interested send me an email at Ramcc4x4@yahoo.com. I can email pics of it in the next day or two.

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