Pictures! COME AND GET IT!

Looks great. I'm sure I'll get the blue Clarke now. I won't be removing the street from my girl, but it sure is interesting to see what she'd look like.

Have fun at the show next week, Gyro!

damn straight, hope you have fun too, and maybe even purchase something for your bike! :)

yep, and a cyra disc gaurd for the front, and a skid plate



Theres a picture of your bike in what looks like a big shed with a red car parked outside.. can you put that on my website?

Or i can do it for you.. looks nice!



3 Words .....SCOTTS Shark Fin!~ :)

Hey Gyro! Where did you get that UFO # plate? What is the part #? If you have a link, that would be great. Thanks.

Just went to my local bike shop, told them what I wanted. Supposed to cost me 50 bucks canadian, but I'm special so I got it for 30ish :)

not sure where to get it online though

The tank looks great GYRO. I hope you dont have any problems with it because once you buy a product from CLARK, thats the end of the good relationship.They are a pain in the arse to deal with if you have any problems. :)

Nice Gyro. Are you going to remove the rubber fork booties?

not sure they add a bit of protection and I want to swap them out later anyways.

thought more people would be interested in this post

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