Awesome Christmas present!

My Wife who know's nothing about bikes may have pulled off one of the best surprizes of my life.What is it you ask,The Yoshi full Titanium race Exhaust system.I still can't believe it,and it's already on the bike.If she would have ordered the jets for it I would most defenitly be 6'under from a heartattach.Merry Christmas everyone have a great day. :)

Glad to hear it!! Are you sure you dont have secret Santa helper somewhere???

My wife did really well this year... I got a set of black Exel rims and hubs! I'm out to prove how much money you can waste on a motorcycle. When I have everything bolted up, I'll post a photo. My theory is to have a passion in life and make the most of it.

I'd like to see it when you are done. I am in San Diego. Let's ride sometime if you don't mind a slow old guy.

Hey Gyro, your bike doesn't look like an S any more! The tank looks good. What capacity is it?

4 gal

more pics here

when you get there choose 512 or 800 res

Hey Gyro! Where did you get that UFO front # plate? What is the part #. I have been looking for one online without luck. A link would be great if you have one, thanks.

Wally, your wife is a good lady. Your stoked!

DRZVET-I'm super stoked was hoping to go for a ride today,but wife got sick,so I'm watching the kids.At least the novilaty hasn't worn off yet.Everytime I go in the garage I have to fire it up it sounds so SWEEEET!!!

I just got through installing my xmas present, MSR Dominator CR High Bend bars, Titanium color. I also installed new Pro-Grip gel dual sport grips as well. This time I used ThreeBond Griplock, this stuff seems to hold pretty good. :) I can't wait to try the bars out. Went for a short sport through the woods yesterday, until my hands almost froze. Heated grips might be in order. :D

Wally, and she can cook too???? you luck son-of-a

John H-Cooking is not her strong point.She runs my Buisiness for me takes care of our kids,keeps a very tidy house,and oh yeah She buys me great stuff for my bike.I am a lucky SOB.

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