clutch replacement

One of the guys that I ride with has a 2000 yzf426. He's looking to replace the clutch. Thanx for any help....whats good and bad.

I've heard you can replace it with the clutch out of the 01 426 and that it really helps. Try a search in the top right for that, you may be able to find some info there.

Have him use the complete OEM plate set from a 2001/2002 YZ426, including the "boss spring" (pn 5JG-16383-00-00) and the seat plate (pn 5JG-16384-00-00), along with a set of new clutch springs. He will find the clutch a good deal smoother and more to his liking. Replace the basket with a Hinson, if his is damaged.

If the clutch boss does not already have 3 3mm holes drilled along the base of each of the six webs (in the valley of 6 of the splines), these should be added to better oil the plates.

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