FMF Powercore 4 Q

Does anyone use this setup on their DRZ? I know there is more power to be had with some other brands but I have heard that this one is the best compromise between power and noise. Is there another pipe that is reasonalbly quiet with good gains? Is it absolutely necessary to rejet? I have heard of some people who leave the stock jets on with no problems.

I would like to know as well. I am also interested in the FMF setup.

Me too. Seriously considering the same setup.

Yayaya someone tell us about the fmf. How loud(er) is it? How's the power? Weight?

Well maybe I can help.

I have the FMF powercoreIV Q with a power bomb

head pipe on my '02 DRZ400s.FMF said to open up the air box some and leave the jets stock.about 3 lbs lighter than stock. FMF says 93decibels,I got a reading of 96decibels.Its quiet with 3.5 HP gain

I've also FMF Q plus power bomb header on my E model.

I agree with bsmjohn reply about data. Lighter than stock. Mount perfectly. About noise: mine is an Euro model so very loud as stock! The FMF Q is better at low rev. and idling (so good for "town traversal") but at full throttle is far from being like an "S" stock muffler!

The "E" model is very,very lean as stock. If you rejet you will get much better engine with reduced overheating tendency (for the E at least).

I'm using Stroker kit: 175 main, 48 pilot, 100 air pilot. Euro models come directly from Suzuki without snorkel!

I did in two steps: first rejetted and then pipe. I've never dynoed but the response increase after each step was really noticeable.

I went with Quiet system after some research. Its a little lighter than the FMF-Q and not as huge. I run the race insert if I want to go faster. Nicer looking too, IMHO. ceramic coated to boot.

Is the header necessary or are there some good gains to be had with only the slip on muffler? I ride at sea level. Would I re jet any differently than someone at a high altitude?

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