GPR Anti Vibe bar ends

I installed these little gems on my DRZ-e and from the initial ride they seem to work. I have had problems with my throttle hand going numb in the first 10-15 min. of riding and then it seems to relax and breath again. I didn't feel the bar end vibration nearly as much on my little test ride. I'll give it a much better test on the 1st in a fun run (gp race un-sanctioned).

Does anyone have experience with these from GPR?

Christmas was great. I got GPR damper, anti vibe bar ends and new triple clamp. The Damper is the new style that has 1-6 settings with about 10 tiny clicks in each setting. Can't wait to try it out I just hope my new wrist holds out. (broken 9-22-01 in jackpot race )

GPR web site


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