engine coolant hype?

Anyone know anything about this stuff? The claims are pretty impressive, but what's hype and what's reality? :crazy:


Never heard of it, but I use Engine Ice. Works great in my WR. Never overheated in 3 full riding seasons.

thats a oil additive,and yes it works. i've used it for 2 yrs now with excellent results(i've seen 18'f drop tested with a digital gauge w/sending unit in motor drain plug). its a must have with a rekluse clutch. they are working on a coolant additive(one for water/glycol,and one for waterless PG/EG like evans) i'm supposed to be getting some to test in my evans npg-r anyday now. :crazy:

Thanks NC - i gathered it was an oil additive and I would like to drop my temps, I dont run real hot, but especially in the height of summer I would like cool things down just a little more. I'm glad to hear it works - I'll get me a bottle.

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