CC Camp last monday?

Just curious if anyone else went to CC Camp the 24th. Talk about cold, wet and MUUUDDDDDYYY!!! Slicker'n greased gorilla snot! Bikes were all brown by the time we got done and that was after a midday stream crossing that was just under the seat (kinda took me by suprise as my buddies were on the other side pointing at a jump, and I plow into this creek that's a good 2' deeper than I thought...Nice jump though, about 3' air) Only problem I had keeping up with a YZ-250, Suzuki 250 and YZ-426 was that I'm a slower rider... They sure were wishing they had my button though. So was a ATK 604? rider we watched trying to start it after that same creek crossing for the over 5 min we were sitting there... Ah well, a good day followed by snowboarding! Gotta love CA!

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