04WR450F exhaust question

Does anyone know (or have you tried to fit) the "aftermarket" GYT-R Header Pipe into the stock 04WR450F muffler. I have destroyed my header pipe biffing on rocks and must replace it. The price for the GYT-R header is actually cheaper than the stock pipe and I would like to use it for better price and more power. Unfortunately no one can tell me if it will fit my stock muffler. I believe the Yamaha website quotes it as having a large diameter stainless pipe for better flow, power, etc.

Question 2: Are there any other aftermarket header pipes for the 450 that would fit into my stock muffler? For example would a FMF , White Bros or Yoshi header fit into this muffler? :crazy:

I bought the GYTR stainless header for my '04. It fit perfectly. Much more rock friendly than titanium.


The FMF powerbomb headers will fit your stock muffler.

The GYTR headers will fit as well. You can also get high flow Procircuit headers to fit as well!

I believe that I'll go with the GYT-R header. Thanks Brian

Look for a YFZ header on ebay. It's stainless instead of Ti like the ones off YZF's and WR's. I got mine for $15 shipped to my door. :crazy:

Hey Matty05,

are you sure that the fmf powerbomb header will fit the stock muffler ? Because I called and asked fmf and they said that it would not be compatible. I've wanted to try it, and if I did, would I feel a difference ?

Thanx in advance !

I have got an FMF SX powerbomb header of my 04 WR450f and it fits fine with the stock muffler. I think that they are over-rated as I haven't noticed any appreciable power anywhere in the rev range, plus FMF make claims that it will lower the sound output level slightly. Once again, I can't notice any different. :crazy: I would go the GTYR header.

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