My first street crash (02 S)

I guess it has to happen sooner or later. I was on my way home from work tonight (georgetown, wash dc) and as I turned off of M street onto 30th the rear snapped around faster than you can say 'Merry Christmas'. I lowsided and watched the bike slide down the road in a shower of sparks. Fortunately there were no cars close by.

My Aerostich did it's job like a champ and I have barely a scratch on me.

The intersection was covered in oil and my tires were ice cold (literally). Combined with a little too much throttle it made for a long ride home.

The bike looks ok. The right bark buster and foot peg took the most abuse. The pipe is a little scratched as is the bodywork.

A friendly cage driver even stopped to see if I was ok.


2002 DRz 400 S

17" wheels w/Michelin Pilots

Clark 3.9 Gal Tank

3x3 Airbox Mod

Jet Kit


Moose bark busters

That's cool. After the first scratch, it's all......

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