Vermont DMV- Require Original Documents?

I am thinking about dual-sporting my DRZ via the Vermont tag & title route. Those of you that have already done this, can you send them copies of your MSO and sales receipt, or do you have to send them the original documents? I'd prefer not to send of my original documents if I can avoid it.

Thanks for the help

My friend registered his KTM400 in Vermont. He had to bring the bike up there so they could check the VIN numbers on his paper work. He had a Ceritficate of Origin that was made out to the previous owner and a bill of sale. I'm not sure but you may need to do the same.

hey cetris,

i am going to mail my paper work in this weekend. from what some other guys have told me you can send copies. that is what i am going to do.. we'll see.

if you bought your bike new you will not need to do a vin# verification. if you bought it used you will need to do the vin# verification. but you can have an officer in your state do it for you then you can send that in. also if you do not have proof that you paid at least 6% sales tax when you bought the bike,you will have to pay it to vt. on the current amount the bike is worth.

for some good info. go to...

then click on... legalize your bike

good luck


I sent in the original MSO along with a copy of the sales receipt.

I also went down to my local police office and had one of the officers fill out a "VIN Verfification Form" that I got from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

I sent the whole package on Fedex Economy so I could track the package and have a record of the signature of the person that signed for it up at the VT DMV.

I got my new VT tag in about 10 days. The title followed a couple weeks later.

Good luck!


I sent a color copy front & back of the MSO and sales receipt. They sent it back and asked for the originals. It took several weeks for them to respond. They were polite, but firm... They need the original MSO because when you get a title from them, you no longer need (or can have) the MSO.

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