L susp mods--springs---valves???

Looking for feedback from guys that have put larger springs on there XRL's.

Stock is way to soft for my 6'4"-225 frame. Ordered the front and rear springs today(have Superbrace waiting to go on). I couldn't find any springs in Canada, so I ordered from ESP in California, they said they would be shipped thursday :ride: !!My dealer said late June!!!

He explained to me why I should do the valves too, and I understand, I think, but I don't want to have to ship my forks to California!! $$$$$$

Anyone re-valved there XR650L fork?

I understand the re-valve may be a little over my head, so there must be someone in BC that can re-valve my forks and set them up with my stiffer springs and new oil. Or is this something we can do?

I searched TT, didn't find much on changing the valving, but some that just used stiffer springs and heavier weight oil and a brace, with good results, I think. :crazy: Anyone?? I could do that!! Planned to do that, but I think i've been talked into doing valves too.

Any ideas from BC folks as to the best fork guy?

All and any info appreciated!

If you have the $$$ sending the forks off for revalving will give the best results. Otherwise put it back together and play with the clickers. Oil is cheap, and changing the viscosity makes a huge difference. I'm currently trying ATF, which is about 15 weight, in my XR600 forks because I felt I didn't have enough damping.

Any one else with some info?

:ride::lol: What kind of spring did you order and who is ESP? :crazy: I'm 6'4" & 240lbs :cheers: and also find the suspension soft. I'm planning to screw nut down on spring to see if that helps any because its only down about a 3rd from factory :ride: .The sag is a little over 5" and from what I have read 3 1/2 to 4" is the goal :cheers: . :cheers::cheers:

I don't have the budget for a new spring on my XR600 right now and I cranked my rear spring down to the maximum. You don't want to tighten it so much that the coils hit each other. My book had a minimum length for the rear spring, and that's what I cranked mine down to. This made my rear shock much better than it was. I'm sure that when I get a new spring it will be even better. The sag is about right wit me on the bike. The sag is zero with me off the bike, and I know that is not optimum for performance.

This is all second hand, so take it with a grain of salt. :crazy:

I own an XR600R. It's got the same forks as the 650L, different rear shock (the 650L actually has a bigger rear shock, if memory serves). Anyways, I had the same questions. I went to a good friend of mine who is a 25+ year A level mechanic and offroad racer. He's raced the big XR's so he knows what he's about.

His take on the suspension was that it can be made to work really well without the gold valves.

In fact, he once put them into the forks on his personal XR600R to try to tell the difference. Couldn't feel any, so he took them out. So...re-spring everything, then ride. Play with the setting a bit to get it all as close as possible to what you need. Then tweak the oil viscosity if you need to.

Me...at 165 lbs the stock springs in my XR600R work really well. I ain't changin' a thing! :ride:

:ride: My book doesn't give a minimum length for the rear spring :ride: . Does anyone know what it would be for a 650L. :crazy:

I ordered the Eibach springs front and back. XR's only had them too, seems they're not so hard to find south of the border, found other places as well.

ESP was recommended to me by Summers Racing through a response to a email question to them. The guy at ESP worked at Summers for 25 years and knows suspensions, they say. Nice guy. Explained the whole process to me and suggested I send my fork & shock to him to have them done, and I would have, had he not been so far away. I really only needed the springs since I couldn't find any available in Canada.

Originally I planned to just replace the springs and oil in the fork, but with all the info I've gathered, I now understand that would not have given me the results I want and that the rear needs to be done at the same time(rookie eh!). Emathy, you have me wondering now, again!!! :banghead:Your info from a vet mech has me intrigued!! I ride my L monster hard with my buds on their two smokers and smaller thumpers,and need every advantage possible! These susp experts make it sound very clear, cut and dry, that I won't get optimum performance without front and rear susp make over!!

I've stripped all the weight I can, and done all the standard mods-----uncorked with Dave's carb mods,stainless header and WB pipe, Renthal 'Fat Bar' w/riser & Acerbis B-Busters, Clarke tank, no signals or rear fender frame,no pass pegs, R type tail light, IMS racing pegs, smog crap off, Moose skid plate, XR400 front fender, full knobs now, but still looking for a second rear wheel (for a quick switch to DS tire)if someone has one for sale!!!???....Think that's it, but I could go on with more $$$.

I've since been directed to RMR in Abbotsford, BC, only a couple hours from me. I had a very positive phone conversation today with them, and it looks like they can get right at it once my springs arrive. :ride: They where very informative, and promise full tech support should I need further adjustments once I get my redone suspension back from them!! :ride:

Question, does anyone know the expected shipping time through US post to BC,Canada? ESP says not more than a week, but I've have parts take much longer with all the customs crap. Canada post lady at store says sometimes 3-4 weeks. :crazy: Can anyone recommend a quicker shipping co. , without breaking the bank, more? I can wait a week or two, but any longer and I'll be getting nervous with our looming DS ride approaching in June.

So it looks like I'm finally going to get my suspension all dialed for my size and ability, but at a large cost! I can hardly wait!!! :lol: I hope it won't be to long!

Superbrace fork brace

Eibach springs

Valved and tuned by 'the suspension gods'( man I hope this goes smooth, I hate to pay someone else to work on my bike since it seems almost everything else on the XR's can be done by any ol' dummy!!!)

Thanks for the replies!!



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