I read an ad showing a dyno chart for this filter. They claim a 1hp gain simply by changing the filter. Can this be?

Seems the stock filters on most Honda, Suzuki 4 strokes dirt bikes are a little more restrictive than the aftermatket ones. I always buy at least two aftermkt filters just to have clean spares that can be changed quickly. Leave the cleaning to later when a batch can be done at once.

Uni is a good choice if you choose to go with the oil base foam filter oil or No Toil if you want the easy cleanup using their oil, soap with water.

Either way you should decide up front and then stick with the same fiters and oils so you can concentrate on jetting.

I have a K N for a DRZ400E for sale for $25 including shipping. Do not like them for dirt bikes but O K for street use. It says $53 on the box. Yikes!

I've got the unifilter for my drz, but I didn't feel any change. You can definitely get a change in responsiveness when you remove the snorkel though.

Do you have to rejet after removing the snorkel? How do you remove the snorkel?

Tony, pull the seat, look on top of the air box move the ignition box off the two post and grab the cover thing that looks like a mouth. It is softer rubber than the airbox. Then yank it out. If you are at sea level, you probably should rejet, as the Suzuki (E model) comes lean from the factory. Since I live at 5500ft, I didn't bother when I had the stock pipe. But I am only speaking for the E model, if you have the S, do a search on jetting and see what others have done. By the way, I run the UNI filter and felt that it adding a bit of snap to the throttle. But just by looking at it, it seems that it would breath a heck of alot easier. My guess is that that it doesn't filter as well but allows more air through.

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