WR400 light switch for E ignition

Some months ago a member said they replaced the kill switch and the key module with a WR400 light switch. I'd like to know if he has an update for us on how this mod is working and reexplain how he did it. Thanks, TT

Do an archive search for this topic and you should find a lot of information. I bought a replacement ignition switch from Thumper Racing that mounts behind the headlight shell and eliminates the key. Cost about $20.00, and plugs right in.

I replaced my kill button and keyed ignition switch with a WR light switch. Just unplug the keyed ignition at the harness and pull the pins out, and slide the pins from the new WR switch in place of the stock pins. Plug the harness back up and your set. Trace the kill button wire back to under the seat and un plug it.


Thanks, CAL. Just the info I needed. TT

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