Anyone Using DexCool Antifreeze in their bikes

It has been used by Cat for years, and GM, i'ts specially formulated to bond to aluminum and long lasting, but I have yet to see a snowmobile or bike using it? any ideas pros or cons about it?

Its not compatible with other coolants (turns into sludge). You would have to do a very thorough flush first. I know of no real advantage of using DexCool, do you?

Prestone makes a universally compatible coolant.

Also, higher precentages of coolant versus water actually reduce cooling capacity. Unless you plan to leave your bike out in really cold weather, it may run cooler at something like a 30/70 coolant/water mix. Redline's website may explain in more detail. As I recall (and its been awhile), its the motivation of using their WaterWetter with little or no coolant (kepp your bike above 32F).

You might want to do some research. Try this forum (12500 members):

The one disadvantage that I know of is that you cannot mix it with anything but distilled water. Regular water mix also turns to sludge.


I have used the prestone dexcool on all my bikes. drain and fill. no problems. And yes the 06 bike has been down 4 times in 12 rides. Dont ask, part supply issues with the race motor.

The advantage to the dexcool is that it contains no silicates. Thus you dont have deposits on the seals that can cause damage to them.

I use to dump a bottle of redline than top off with dexcool, but running straight dexcool works fine. no heating issues at all.

Thanks for the responses guys.

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