First trail ride, gearing to high

I had my first trail ride today. It was a tight double track that I rode in first gear the whole time. In a couple of tight spots, I had to slip the clutch quite a bit to keep from hearing the engine knock. Does a smaller front sprocket help that much in tight woods or should a larger rear be used also?

I went from a 14 to a 13 on my E. Made a world of difference. Topend is reduced by quite a bit though, but I rarely see fifth gear anyway.

On an "S", I don't think I would go down on front AND up on the back. That would be a major change in gearing. 13/47 gearing is equivalent to 14/51 gearing. If you go with a larger rear instead of a smaller front, you will more than likely have to buy a longer chain.

Going to a 14-tooth front gives good on/off road compromise performance on an S, OMHO. Recommend Renthal!

I dropped to a 14 tooth front soon after purchasing my S. It is slightly buzzier on road (but not much), but there is still plenty of power and gearing left to cruise w/traffic. The 14 front makes trail work much easier. I've toyed with the idea of a 13 tooth front, but I still use it too much on road and I think the 13 would get annoying. The positive side to all of this is that it is extremely easy to change front sprockets.

I run a 14tooth on my S, and it's much better off road and still okay on the road(I do find it a bit buzzy also, I usally cruise at 50-55mph now as opposed to 60-65mph when I had the 15t on)

Here's a bit of useless info for you, when my S was run on a fuch's dyno the first time bog standard with the 15t(fuch's dyno also tells you road speed) it run to 100mph ish(from what I remeber) when it had the tunning done and was run again with the 14t on it ran to 92mph,



I put a 14t on mine and it makes a nice difference

my brother put a 13t on his and its a big diff

its much better in the real tight single track

stuff,and real steep stuff,wheelies are a piece

of cake.I just ordered a 13t today.WE mainly

ride offroad,but it still does quite well on

the street.

I put 14t front 47t rear. I find this perfect for tight trails etc. With stock chain my tensioner is now at 2. Works great

I run stock 14/47 on my E. When I replace my chain and chainwheels I will probably try a 48 or 49 rear, and stick with 14 front. One front tooth equals about 3 rear teeth (+/-).

I run a 13/47 on my S model. It is a bit buzzy when commuting around town. But it works great playin' around in the mountains. :)

I've been using 14/50 on my S for about a year and a half and it's a torque monster. I wouldn't ride it any other way.


13/49 and loving it! I ride mainly singletrack woods. The bike still does 80 mph. I only ride on pavement when I have to.

Joemtb, sounds like you will benefit from lowering your gearing. Going down one tooth on the primary will make a dramtic difference. As was stated, it is the easiest and quickest change to make. What concerns me just a little is the engine knocking. That almost sounds like you were going to slow in too high of gear(lugging the engine) especially if you were having to feed the clutch. I have taken my S model on some pretty steep twisty single track stuff with stock gearing and was surprised on how well it did. Try the lower gearing. Next, be careful about "slipping the clutch". There is a difference between slipping the clutch and feeding the clutch. Feeding the clutch can get you through some difficult situations. Slipping the clutch can get you some expensive repair bills. :) Good luck, P

Okay, it sounds like I need to get a 14t front gear. I may also get a 13t if the price is right. I heard Renthal was recommended, is there any I should stay away from? I'll probably call my dealer and see what he has first.

Thanks all.

PMAUST, I think I was feeding the clutch, the engine was lugging though, thats what had me concerned.

I've always had good luck with Sunstar and Sprocket Specialist. I've never tried Renthal, though. I think my 13 was a Sprocket Spec. and cost me about $13.

...or you can hog your cylinder out to a 470 and your gearing problems are cured!! but cheaper is better for me-i'll probably do gearing also!

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