No Toil vs Uni vs Twin Air vs ?

Any real world comparisons on a 400E between the aftermarket filters? I like the No Toil propaganda but want the best for the bike. Kind of like a family member... Also, how about oil filters? Does anyone have a cross reference to the other brands? Does Wix or Mobil1 have a filter for the application? Emgo site didn't show a filter number but their system seems to match the Suzuki number...


Your trying to start another fight right?

When it comes to air filters, Oils or chain lube it can work into a real knock down drag out donnybrook.

So I will start with the first punch...

I use Uni with Maxima oil in my CR250. It is what I started with and it has been to the dunes a few times and nothing got thru even without any special socks or other devices. I think the sand at the dunes is overrated for being tough on engines. Sure if some gets in then it is highly abrasive but it is pretty big compared to dust and stays outside where it belongs.

I use No Toil on my DRZ400E. I got it as a test from No Toil for the extreme southwest desert conditions. I ride my DRZ at least once a week, sometimes 3, and it is always dusty. The No Toil filters get washed out more frequently than my cr and the cleanup is a little nicer with their special water solubale soap. I did run the no toil up in Colorado thin air last summer and it seemed to get more power that the previous trip when I had the other type filter and oil. So maybe there is something to the no toil oil letting more air thru at least at 10,000 feet and above where it may matter. If so it may not be as noticable at sea level.

I do think the stock filter is more restrictive. Nothing wrong with that with stock muffler and proper re-jetting at lower elevations. If you are staying with the stock muffler and maybe 155 main jet with the snorkle removed the stock filter on the drz400E will work just fine.

Some riders I know continue to use plain old motor oil on their stock filters and have done it for many thousands of miles over many years. I know I could not believe it either but they swear by it and do not believe in the expensive new fangled crapola. Ironically these guys are really good riders with money to burn. Maybe that is why they have that old money and I do not....Victor

I'll dust off my mitts. I have and use both a twinnAir and a Uni. They both are eqallly superior to the origional crap filter. Now as to whether the Twin or Uni is the best?? I say the Twinn is approximately 2.22- 2.56% better (+/-). :) In other words, how do you quantify in terms of a comparison? Suffice to say... they are both very good, and thats why people use them. Most oils are pretty good too. I like NoToil cause it was cheap. They key to oil is NOT TOO MUCH, and LET IT DRY A FEW HOURS.

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I have always run K&N air filters in 4strokes. Not sure why, perhaps because I never had problems with them allowing debris/dust pass into the carb. They appear to allow more than adequate air flow, never tear or rip, and are quite easy to clean and oil (no-mess spray). I keep the stock filter cleaned and oiled in a bag for a quick change at the trail head if necessary.

I have read stuff that the No-Toil supporters have written bad mouthing the K&N filter's ability to keep the crap out of your engine, but as long as I am having good results, my $ will be with the K&N. My last XR ran clean for over 10 years on the same K&N air filter (match that No-Toil). Of course I'm anal about keeping things clean. My dad taught me that "a clean bike is a happy bike".

I say ride it hard, clean and maintain it well, fix it right when it breaks, and have a blast.

My mechanic (Scott Beasley, International Power Sports) told me that racers frequently use K&N - they often (not always) provide a shaving of a hair more hp on the dyno. While Twin Air doesn't flow quite as well, he suspected that it would be safer in the dirt. I'm running Twin Air+Twin Air oil.

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