Calling all East Coast Dual Sporters

Lets have a spring ride. I know just the place, it's called Deals Gap, it is 11 miles of hard top with 317 turns in it. It is located on the Tennessee and North Carolina borders on Hwy 129. There is also a fair amount of dual sporting roads and trails in the area. Everyone speak up and lets see if there is enough interest to make a go of it.

I'm game. I would probably trailer my bike there as that might be a little too far of a trip for the DRZ. :D I've heard of Deals Gap on another forum, it would be a blast on the nibble DRZ! :)

Count me in...

Alright then. I for one would like to attend the L.Lynn outing on April 6 and 7. So lets shoot for the end of April. The Gap is a hoot on my S and you have got to see the looks on the faces of the sport bike guys after you dust'em.

So what are you guys up for 1 or 2 days of riding or more? For more info on the Gap go to they also have overnight accommodations at the Cross Roads of Time Store or if you like there are local cabins for rent.

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I WAS THERE!!!! I was in TN in July attending a meeting in Knoxville and staying with a friend in the Smokey Mountains National Park. I DID the DEALS GAP run on my DR - Yes, indeed. I rode the bike from Baltimore to TN and back. Great trip - I did it in one day both ways. The road that Drill Pusher mentions is the most amazing curvy road experience you could ever dream of - just one HUGE problem though - cars, pickup trucks, and large bikes go SOOOO SLOOOOW down the road (around the hundreds of turns) that it can be down right BORING trying to ride the thing at any FUN speed. I don't mean fast, I just mean at 20-30 (sometimes 40+) MPH, so you can really enjoy the twisties. I recommend checking it out if you ever get the chance, but I hope you don't get stuck behind a lot of cars, etc. going 10 MPH.

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I just checked the distance out on Mapquest. It's about a 12 hour trip (718 miles) to Knoxville from Middletown, so I would make it a least a three day trip.

man,i wish i lived closer!! i love the south!

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