06 YZF450 flywheel

For those of you who need a flywheel puller for you 06 450, the one for a CRF450 works perfect and is available to buy, I had no luck finding one from Yamaha, even my local dealer is waiting on theirs to come in. Put my GYTR flywheel on tonight, will give a ride report after the weekend. :crazy:

Thanks for the heads up. I just ordered an '06 YZ450 puller late this afternoon. Sounds like I should call back the dealer in the morning and have him get me the CRF puller instead.

I couldnt seem to find one anywhere, I had a puller for 05 and back, dealer said it would work and it wouldnt. Had to borrow one for a CRF from a buddy, worked perfect.

It's not the same one as what seems like all the other bikes use? The one I have worked on my YZ400, YZ426, YZ250F, an 03 YZ450 and a CR250 so I would guess it would work on my 06 YZ450F. I thought that was the one thing that all the manufacturers did the same way...

what year CRF is it?? I just had to over night one from K&L an hour ago (I need it by Friday) I wish I would have known this before that!!! $30 bucks just for shipping!!


02 and up CRF450. No, its not the same as the older Yamahas, I have one from my old 426 that threads into the balancer, the 06 has external threads on the balancer.

The '06 YZ450 flywheel is "inside out", like a smaller version of the WR450, with the electricals on the outside.

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