Any ting to look out for on a '99 WR400?

Just to get a thrill I went out and looked at the above mentioned bike tonight. It started right up and ran fine and shifted through at least the first three gears fine. Foks were straight and there was no oil leaking. The shok was firm. The brake light worked and the brakes stopped the bike well. All in all it seemed to me to be in desent shape. The collant was not dirty or oily and filled the over-flow tank to the marked level. I had a DRZs before and the WR was as tight or tighter than that. The owner couldn't guess how many miles the thing had on it but he said that he only rode it two or three times last year and rarely before that.At the price he is asking for it I AM picking it up on Thursday. I can get a KLR250 or a '94 DR 350 for a hundred bucks less. Is there any thing that I shoud be looking for or checking out before I trust this thing in the wilds?



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