650R Knocking sound

I have a new '06 650R with 1800 miles on it. It's used mostly on the road :ride:

Today while riding home from work I noticed a knocking sound coming from the

Motor some place, while taking left hand turns only. It's a slow soft knocking

sound (so it's someplace on the final drive train... :crazy: ??)

and only while turning left at low speed in 3rd gear. 2nd is too slow to get it

smooth enough in the turn and 4th is too fast, too

Much wind noise to hear it, so I’m not too sure it’s only 3rd gear.

Has anyone ever had this happen... and if so what is it?

Any input appreciated.

Could it be your chain or maybe the knobs on the rear tire?

It's hard to tell exactly where it comes from, but it's not the tire.

It could be the rear wheel. Strange it omly happend on left turns.

It's most likely going to be one of those "problems" that you have to

wait on to get worse before you can figure out whats going wrong :crazy:

Just for reference my XR makes a "dung dung dung dung dung" noise too. Not necessarily a "knock" but the motor is noisy.

Just for reference my XR makes a "dung dung dung dung dung" noise too. Not necessarily a "knock" but the motor is noisy.

okay... good ...I suppose :crazy: but does it only do it on left hand

turns like mine? ... the "dung dung dung" sounds about right.

I have the same thing. I did a full top-end on my 650R, replated the cyl, new piston, rings, the works. The only part of the top-end I DIDN'T replace were the valve springs, and the cam. Replaced the cam chain too...

It made a knocking type sound before hand, and after the rebuild, the knocking was just quieter, but still apperant. I've always attributed the knocking to a faulty auto decomp, but the bike still has plenty of power, so I don't really know if that is it or not. Anyway, from my experience on my machine, and with the BD skid plate, the motor seems rathe loud. But, then again, Honda XR's are known to have slight valve/top-end noise anyways.

I don't know about left turns, but the 650R I had was noisy ALL THE TIME. It was completely normal noise, but that engine made all kinds of different sounds, depending on rpm. In the mid-rpm range, it made a steady konking noise, ended up to be just normal sounds I guess, because I put a lot of miles on it, and nothing ever broke.


I don't know about left hand turns either. Check to make sure your cables aren't binding up somewhere. Try switching to synthetic or a heavier weight. I currently use Spectro 20W50 perto/synthetic blend.

Thanks for all the input guys. It could just be that on a left turn the angle

decreases between the bike and the left side of the bike, throwing back

noise from the road.... i.e. it always does it, it's just more noticeable at that

point. :ride:

About the motor noise.. yup it rumbles and clunks with the best of them...

even worse than my DR :crazy:

I'll try a heavier oil like you suggest too, it is getting hotter now, so it's time.

Most noise seems to be the balancer, the drive chain allso rubs the frame on left turns.

alloy skid plates bounce noise too. you can always spray undercoat on 'em

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