2006 YZ450F jet sizes

Just bought a new 450 and after i break it in, i need to re-jet. I would use the search option but it says its too busy so i would like to know. The elevations i will be running are

Sea Level with temps anywhere between 60-75*

2300- 3000 ft elevation with temps fluctuating (spelling?) from 60s to 100+.

1500ft- temps from 60s to 100+

It would be GREATLY appreciated if somebody could possibly help me with jetting sizes for the temperatures and elevations. any info is appreciated

thanks :crazy::ride:

48 Pilot.

170 Main.

I take it your bike is too lean (popping on decel).

I take it your bike is too lean (popping on decel).

Oh yea!! :crazy:

I used those jets specs and popping went away. It works :crazy:

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