Honda XR650R rider does the Virginia City Grand Prix

Hey all you BRP Pilots,

I took my piggy on on an adventure and the bike worked flawlessly!

I love the gobs of power the XR650R has. I wouldn't trade this bike for any other. :crazy:

So, here's the story:

2 Oregon dual sport riders in their mid-30's (my brother and I) go on their first enduro race. Plus, we went on a killer dualsport ride. :ride:

Check it out...

The Virginia City Nevada Grand Prix race report and pictures


Shorter link:


Hey Qadsan,

Great idea. Thanks! :crazy:

I'll get some glove liners. :ride:

I'm jealous.... not of the sore quads, but the experience. Looks like a blast. Maybe someday.... Great story and pics.

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