Morning dew or rain on a bike in transit?

As the colder months approach us I was wondering what the effects of dew or even light rain on my bike in the back of my truck was? Any precautions or tricks to keeping the bike dry or does it even matter?

Wouldn't want any rain or dew to touch the bike, it just might melt into a puddle of metal and plastic! I just have to ask, do you ever wash your bike after you ride or do you just leave it dirty all the time??? Better hope you don't ever come to a creek crossing, you might have to turn around and go back home...

I know what you mean, once during transport it began to drizzle and my bike melted into a little puddle of sugar water.

Now I only ride in Death Valley!!

Mark (ILLINOIS) guys are brutal. Don't worry about the moisture SoCal, it won't hurt a thing. It never rains down there anyways, does it rolleyes.gif? If the moisture hurt the WR in transit my riding season would be cut in half living in WA state shocked.gif!


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Make sure water does not get into your muffler. If water gets into your muffler it will turn you packing into mush and it will blow out in one ride. I use a dollar plumbers plug from Home Depot ($2.59) to seal up the end of my muffler.


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Good call yzernie.....a racquetball works really well too for a stock pipe with baffle removed.

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