going bigger on rear tire

I have a Pirelli MT18 rear coming but its back ordered for a while, this is the only piece I need to get my bike street legal. Stock size is 110/100/18. My dealer has a 120/100/18 that he'd give me at a pretty nice savings. If I remember my tire sizing its going to be about 3/4" wider......any reason not to switch out? Any handling problems, anything?

The 120 will fit and the performance difference will be negligible. Generally, a wider rear tire will cause the bike to corner slower in a street situation, but give you a larger contact patch. If the sidewall height (aspect ratio) does not compensate for the increased width, then the overall diameter and circumference of the wheel be larger as well and, in some cases, will require more energy to turn thereby affecting rearwheel horsepower and requiring regearing. However, in your case, you're only talking about 10mm so again, the effect will be negligible. Clear as mud, right?...SC

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