little odd but....

Wondering if anyone had any ideas on getting a 19 inch wheel on the front of my yz426 to go flat track racing. Running flat track does not require a front brake and the poor mans setup is finding a streetbike wheel that will fit the axle and spacing it in there but all of our races around here run F.T. and T.T and a front brake is pretty essential on a T.T track that contains hairpins and the occaisional jump. I have considered lacing up a yz hub with a 19 inch hoop. I work at a yamaha dealer and get parts at cost but wheels are expensive just to run a few races a year. The rest of the time I hare scramble and trail ride. Would really like to find a good deal on a bent front wheel or just a hub. Any help would be app.


...all of our races around here run F.T. and T.T

I knew there was something about Kentucky that I liked :greenwithenvy:

Keep checking eBay.

When I started flat track racing, and later, when i rode speedway, brakes were illegal! They don't make you go fast, anyway. :crazy:

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