Want to get it perfect

I am going on a camp/ride trip this weekend and want to get my jetting dialed in. I have searched the other posts but was hoping one of the gurus could give me a good starting point. Here are the details: 05' WR450 with all the free mods, FMF TI Powercore, JD jetting kit. I currently have it jetted with a 170 main (I think), 48 pilot, 68 starter, 40 leak and the red needle at the 3rd clip. I have a Zip-Ty fuel screw as well but adjusting it doesn't seem to have much of an effect, at least between zero and two turns out. I also have a pretty serious off-idle bog. The temps will probably be in the sixties to seventies and elevation 1000-3000 feet. I think the last time I jetted was last fall so I'm sure there needs to be some changes but I'd really appreciate some input on where I should go with it. I'd like to get it jetted for summer which means mid-seveties to eighties and 0-4000 feet elevation. Jetting's tough for me because I don't have much time to go in and change jets all the time and I also don't have the experience to know if it's jetted correctly by riding it unless it's way off. So if anyone can help, thank-you very much.


you sound lean on the needle, try raising it a clip before you go on your trip.

You may have to raise it one more while you are out. Your other jetting looks fine.

If I were you I would go for a blast around the block to get your jetting right before you go out.

Agreed clip position #4 or 5 would be better with the red needle. :crazy:

I only did the pilot jet 48 and main jet 168 on my 2004 WR450 and made a huge improvement. Haven't touched the leak jet at all. Don't need to it runs awesome!

Thanks for the advice. I will try raising the needle and see what happens.


Agreed clip position #4 or 5 would be better with the red needle. :crazy:

Yep, thirds on that.

Just messing with mine and >5 C is worth about one clip change (all else equal) IMO.

Now there is a thought, a finely adjustable needle...JD!! OK bring on EFI.

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