Kickstand gouging swingarm?

Don't believe I've seen anything on this yet, but is this happening to anyone else? I've got a nice gouge right where my kickstand will swing back and forth from jumps/whoops. I can't make it touch at rest, but apparently when I'm riding the geometry changes such that it hits. I have lowered the front and rear suspention as I'm only 5'6, 140lb, would this cause it? I plan on shaving the foam down and boosting the suspention again.

Anyway I was planning on cutting off the inner part of the footing and gluing? a piece of rubber on the swingarm to help, but any other suggestions are welcome


Never heard of this one before, lucky you! Is it swinging up (vertically) and hitting the swingarm, or is it swinging over (horizontally) and hitting?

Yup, I had the same issue. I couldn't get the kickstand to touch by pushing on it, and I couldn't even see how it could hit. But sure enough it did. It left one ugly mark before I removed it. Unfortunately that was my solution. A little late though.

I had this problem on my 91 DR250S. It left nasty scratches on the side of my swingarm, but 9000 miles later it was nothing more than nasty scratches on my swingarm. So far I have no signs of this problem with my DRZ. Is this on a E or a S model. Looking my S model over It doesn't look like it could possibly come in contact with the swingarm.

I'm having the same problem with mine, but I can make it touch the swingarm by pushing the kickstand toward the swingarm. I beleive I've bent the kickstand at some point, probablly during one of may get-offs. Please let me know if you come up with a better solution that removal.

I had the same thing . I saw it right away though after a big crash .

The weld had cracked (look close its hard to see)on mine so I bent it back then had it rewelded plus some extra welds running length wise to ad strength.

Mine didn't look like it would hit either , but if you use a ruler to line up the swing arm and the kickstand (hold it flat against the swingarm sticking up) you can see how close they are when the suspensions full down.

I just bent it out with scrap wood (like a 2x4)so it clears by 1/4 " . You'll notice the kickstand move back and forth a littel so make sure it clears when it is pushed back towards the swinarm.

No bigie some times you have to bend dirtbikes back into shape or buy parts your choice.

Its ok for kickstands , subframes and pipes but think twice before you bend back a handlebar.

Ya know MoToHed, I didn't think about it until now but it didn't start until my wide open 3rd gear wipeout from hitting a dead wet log at an angle and taking out my ignition guard on a rock in a pristine alpine meadow! I was thinking to myself, hmm, haven't wrecked that bad yet, why would it rub... hmm... oh yeah that crash!

I'll look into bending it out farther, and I think I'll try to cut off the inner part of the foot. :)

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