2000 + miles in one week -- Need help

Just finished the 2006 SpringTAT and put on about 2000 miles in all.

I use to be able (before this ride) to start the bike in gear with the clutch pulled in. Yet, after the ride, I can't do it anymore..

TimBrp: I have read some of your stuff with heavier springs and different clutch plates.

I have not tried to adjust the tention on the lever yet and will do so this evening to see if this corrects the problem.

It is a 2000 model and I believe it is still stock clutch assembly--

How much life can most get out of the factory clutch ?

Many thanks

If it's a R i believe there's some issues with that years clutch bushing.

It is an R and I have read about that..


I think by adjusting the lever tension you'll be fine. However, when the clutch time comes HD springs work wonders for this bike.

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