best sprockets (Chainwheels): alum or steel??

Any thoughts on this? Someone said for offroad steel or alloy is the only way to go rather than bend an aluminum one on a boulder.

I have already decided on a DID Gold Xring chain. Who makes good sprockets?

If you ride in alot of mud and sand, I would go with a steel rear sprocket. The steel rear sprocket will outlast 2-3 times an aluminum. Otherwise I would go aluminum.

Sprocket Specialist gives the best prices and I hear their quality out ranks Rethals sprockets.

if you've got money to burn,Sidewinder sprockets and chains are the "cream of the crop". they will last forever(as a matched set).but seeing that you've already got a quality chain,go with Ktm250rm's suggestion.

You couldn't pay me to run an aluminum sprocket offroad. I've always used Sunstar or Sprocket Specialist.

I have a brand new drz400e rear sprocket (aluminum) that was bent on a boulder at about 100 miles. It straightened OK but is now in my spare parts box.

The Sprocket specialists Titan tough is a great aluminum sprocket for the price. The steel is even less money and will probably last longer which means the chain lasts longer too. SS also has great prices on their CS sprockets and a good selection of tooth options.

My new aluminum sprocket has 2 extra teeth on the rear. It fits OK with the chain guide and stock 112 chain. Then for the real nasty crawly stuff I also have a spare 13 tooth up front which also works with the stock 112 chain length. 01 DRZ400E

Don't purchase Sidewinder products! The people there are complete jerks. Here is a sample of what you can expect if you call them:

You know NOTHING about motorcycles - They know EVERYTHING. If you disagree, not only are you wrong, but they treat you like dirt.

They will send you the wrong part/or lie about what they will send - they sent me a sprocket that didn't fit my old DR350, which I had to return for a replacement - When I called to set up the swap, they made me go though all kinds of crap - measuring the holes on the sprocket and hub, etc. Finally, after about 20 minutes of discussion, they realize that the Suzuki changed the hub on the '98 DR350. So much for the "experts."

They told me on the phone when I ordered a chain on another occasion that they would be happy to cut it to a specified number of links - and they didn't follow through (so I purchaed my own Motion Pro chain breaker after that).

Their prices are TOO HIGH! Especially for the treatment you will receive. You are not a valued customer with Sidewinder, you're just another idiot to them. There are plenty of other great sprocket/chain products out there. Sidewinder will never see another dime from me. Go with Sprocket Specialists - They are very helpful and good to their customers, their 47T hard anodized sprocket for the DR-Z is a high quality piece, and they have better prices.

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