3Bike trailer pictures &sugestions

I am going to build a bike trailer in march

can anybody send some pics and or ideas,i want

to build a light weight 3 bike trailer.I have

the use of a shop for the month of march

complete with torches mig welder ect.

Thanks for any info.

Al DRZ 400s

#1 son PW-80

#2 son Z-50

2000 xr-50 for sale

I am interested in this topic too i always ran full size vans but it getting costly to run one.

Here is a Canadian company that builds a neat product, you might be able to glean some ideas from it.


I have a sheetmetal manufacturing buiness and have built trailers.You can by them new cheaper than building them from new parts.Just a thought.


How much do you want to spend? Do you want a simple 3 rail trailer, or one that can serve other purposes--flat with guards?

J.C. Whitney has complete wheel sets and I believe, axels. I suggest you go with 14" wheels. And, put a bunch of tie down points, you never know what you are going to be hauling.

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i currently have a 5 bike trailer under construction that i could pretty easily be modified for a 3 bike setup. real light, elegant, and stylin. (but i am a little biased :) ) i wanted to make my own because all the prefab ones are so brutal & heavy. email me @ brentfreebydesign@charter.net and i can send you more info.

I built my own and am happy with it. The only thing I would do different is use a torsion axle instead of leaf springs. It would sit lower that way. I bought most of my steel used at a salvage yard. If I had the use of a shop with a sheetmetal brake I would make some storage bins to carry tools and parts and keep my tie down straps in. Mine is only for one bike and I used some of that aluminum deckplate for the floor. It looks nice and is great when you go to the carwash. It was a fun project to kill time in the winter. Enjoy! I bet if you do it you will sell it next year and make a better one. :)

I bought a new torflex axle from 'Redneck Trailer Supply', check the net for site, 2000# 72" frame spacing, 85" hub face, 5" x 4 1/2" hubs, 0 degree static ride angle; $157.00; then 1 1/2 x 3 x 3/16 rectangular tubing; welded-up ladder frame; 14" aluminum Ford wheels; plastic fenders w/marker lights; good to go. less than $500.00 Just as light and sturdy as the $1400.00 aluminum one I copied from. Unbelievable what can be found on the web with a little effort. Go to an 18 wheeler graveyard/recycling operation and get aluminum floor sections from a refridgerated trailer and put together an impressive unit for comparatively next to nothing. www.tritontrailers.com will get you a look at some models. The side rails their flat bed trailers can be found at the recycling places too.

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