San Antonio, TX

I will be moving to San Antonio, TX next summer, and I was wondering what the local riding was like. I lived there back in the early 80's and remember that just north of the city there were several areas that guys were riding (I don't know if they were legal or not.......). Other than MX tracks, are there any good riding areas open to the public? I would also be interested in joining a Trail Riding Club if there are any around.

Any information would be appreciated (perhaps even a consideration on the "house hunting" trip this Spring).

Anyone from San Antonio?

I live west of San Antonio (Del Rio) and know of one group. The Dirt Bikers of San Antonio (210-491-6868) have a large area wouthwest of town. In addition there are several motorcross tracks in the area. VP fuels has a track in Floresville, SE of the city. You may also want to try for more info. Let me know if you want to get together for a ride.

You luck man. I love San Antonio and Texas Hill Country. Ride safe and enjoy!

DBSA has a good lease to ride. They are also looking into possibly getting a second lease. Check out there website at

Thanks for the info! I will check out the contacts prior to our move to TX.

D.J., I will definately get in touch with you for a possible ride sometime this summer.

SANDRZ, Thanks for the good wishes.

Tomorrow promises to be another great day for a "Mississippi" mud ride. We had some rain last night, and the weather is supposed to be great (mid 60's) I can't wait. I will be thinking about you poor guys up in the cold.

:) Roost on!

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