50/50 Tires

Anyone recommend a good 50/50 or so tire. I have a 650L and do half of my driving on road and am looking for new skins.

i have an L also , was gonna post the same question..

Dunlops that came on it are pretty good on the road ,

but in the dirt theres not alot of bite.

lol.. same question here. I have a bridgestone TW-302 on the rear on my L. Not happy with it offroad at all. I've read some people recommending the dunlop D606, and the Pirelli? Would the D606 be a gain over what I have ?

When I got my L it had Pirelli MT 21s front and back- they were great in the dirt and ok on the street- the rear would slide predictably around corners on the street if you got on the gas, the front never let me down. However, I do most of my riding on the street so I use Pirelli Scorpions- great on the street but I haven't done enough dirt testing to say how they are on the dirt.

:crazy: I'm soon ready to change rear tire on my 650L , :ride: so I asked around and found out the Maxxis M6006 was a good duel purpose tire :ride: . It's 60 dirt 40 street, and the price is good :lol: so I ordered a 130/80x18 (they don't make a 120/90)for the back. I do most street riding :cheers::cheers: :cheers: but want to be ready for when I need my dirt fix :cheers::cheers: .

I tried to get a Maxxis M6006 but in a 140/80/18 no one has one local to me, maybe I will just go with a 130. Muddin, does the 130 look much wider than the 120, I was looking for a wider tire than the 120 I had on the bike. :crazy: Has anyone tried a Dunlop D908 looks more aggressive than the Maxxis M6006 but not as aggressive as the D606. The D908 seems kinda pricey though. :ride:

I went with the 130/80 because it is about the same size as the stock 120/90.The 80% of 130 is about the same hight as 90% of 120 but the maxxis is a little wider.I don't know if the 140 would have much clearance.The 606 was $150 here in Canada and the maxxis is about $75 and is 50dirt 50street.

Been useing the Metz. Sahara's now for about a year liked them alot,not good in the mud but great on the street. Just about to mount a conti TKC80 on the rear. People over on ADV seem to like this tire for a true dual purpose tire.

Either Dunlop d606's or pirelli mt21's if you want to do 50/50. they wont last as long as more street ready tires but they will do 10 times better in the dirt.

I've got Kenda 270's on now - The rear is OK but the front sucks off road(cheap though) but they last forever! Going to the Mt21 very soon.

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