Suspension Mods

Start with the springs and the correct sag on the rear shock and go test from there, use that as a base line, Keep good notes, change only one thing at a time, try and find an area to ride that has a wide range of terrain and use it for testing. Try to do your testing set-ups on the same trail. Remember tire pressure is important, try 15 psi to start. have fun.

I've heard that the valves in the forks are very good but the springs are way too weak for my weight...205lbs. 6ft tall is it worth the money to just get heavier springs or what....any suggestions on where to get springs for the forks and the back suspension and what strength....

what size springs are you guys using on your forks and rear shock....anybody else in the 215 lb. range with gear on.....

I'm 225 in full gear and I have the heaviest that Eibach makes a 5.5kg/mm rear and .47 front. (Thats what the boxes read)

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