XR Countersprocket play

I've just installed and new set of sprockets on my 95 XR600R and after installing the countersprocket I notice there is quite a bit of play on it on the shaft. (Not the shaft itself, it feels rock-solid).

I've bolted on the 'retaining plate' (not sure what it's really called) and I can wiggle the sprocket some. Is this normal? I thought about installing a spacer/washer between the sprocket and plate to take up the slack but not sure if that would work anyway.

I guess I don't understand why they would'nt use a big bolt you can torque down the sprocket with. This is way my old KLR650 used to be. Sure, it was a bit of a pain to loosen and remove, but you certainly knew that sucker was on there tight! Is Honda's method just so you can do quick countersprocket changes?

just changed out the front sprocket to a 15 tooth on my 98 xr600 and noticed the same thing so i'm hoping that its normal. dont remember if it was like that with the old sprocket(14 tooth)....never thought to check. seems to run ok with the 15 tooth groovelite.

The play is supposed to be there. Imagine if those tolerances were so tight and it didn't move. Our trusty XR's would have many broken countershafts w/out that slack.

Sounds like your play in in and out which is normal, the retainer rides in a groove. If the play is ratating front to back it's not good, splines are wore out. I always check the groove and splines for wear just before slapping some grease on the shaft. :crazy:

It's normal guys.

Dont worry about it

I agree, totally normal.

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